Shanta Vana 寂靜禪林

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Ven. Dhammadipa has a vow to spread Buddha's message in Europe. For that purpose he founded the Island of dharma, Dhammadipa foundation, with the aim to provide space for study and practice of Buddhism and spirituality in general. The name of the newly established center is "The forest of tranquility", Shanta Vana.

The forest of tranquility, Shanta Vana  is located in a protected nature reservation area called "Bohemia paradise" in Czech Republic. The basis of the Shanta Vana are two typical mountain houses. In the lower house there is also venerables's residence of during his stay in the Czech Republic and there is also a temporary meditation room. The second one - the upper house - serves mainly for the accommodation of meditators. In 2018, the Foundation purchased a third house, a former forestry. It's purose is also to accommodate meditators. All three buildings have undergone a general reconstruction over the past two years.

The foundation also bought a smaller piece of land, it will be used for practicing meditation, yoga or chi-kung. We would like also to build a new meditation hall there because the existing meditation room in the lower cottage does not have enough capacity. The project of the meditation hall has already been elaborated, now official permits are being prepared.


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14/09/2020 11:29
  Dear friends, this year's retreat with the Venerable Dhammadipa will be at Shanta Vana (Sněhov) from Friday 10.2. until Sunday...
02/09/2020 19:49
  Dear firends, our group at Shanta Vana organizes a karma yoga this weekend 9.4.-6. The meeting is without a teacher. You are welcome to come...
15/07/2020 16:22
  Dear firends, our group at Shanta Vana will have a karma yoga on the weekends listed below. The meetings are without a teacher. You are...
14/04/2020 08:06
  Dear Supporters of the Dhammadipa Foundation, allow us to thank you most sincerely for your contributions and...
28/08/2019 20:02
The first stage of the reconstruction of Shanta Vana - the upper cottage and the former forestry - was completed. Now, we have started the second...
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